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The Virgin Islands Bracelet: Johnny Jeweler of St.Croix

The story of the brilliant fire is the story of how a simple silver metal can take the form of a country. When you think of different continents and islands, you think of culture and the story behind every tall tale passed down through generations. I have little memory of my home country in the United States Virgin Islands, but I remember the alluring smell of spices in the markets. The warmth of the ocean water and the footprints in the sand that stays forever. Once it is covered by the waters of the sea, these memories are forever engraved in my mind. As people grow up, we tend to forget, don't we?

Johnny Jewelers is the company that keeps the name of the Virgin Islands burning, like a never-ending flame. The official symbol of the Virgin Islands will not be forgotten, like footprints in the sand because it is forever engraved in metal.

The Virgin Islands Bracelet:

This adult size V.I. Bracelet reflects the pride of our ancestors before us. The stronghold of the clasp represents unity. Unity is something that should never be forgotten. The intricate detail of the V.I. symbol is a replica of a ship with an anchor keeping everything steady. The bracelet is sterling silver. The material is very strong and durable. If this bracelet is cared for, you could probably have it for years and pass on to someone special.

The bracelet is a size 8 in wrist. The translucency in the bracelet reminds me of a mirror. If you were to place it in the sun, you will be able to see it's true beauty. As women, we are always known for shopping or buying things in abundance. The one of a kind pieces from Johnny Jewelers are rare. The rare gems that is made brings the culture of the islands to you. Johnny Jewelers also specializes in diamond jewelry, gold gems, fine silver, perfumes, and watches.

The most beautiful thing is being able to hold the symbol of the V.I. with this bracelet. This precious bracelet reminds me that even if the world is filled with natural disasters, hatred, and lack of love, you can always find love and hope, whether through others or simple reflections of it.

The story of the brilliant fire does not stop by me wearing the bracelet. Instead, it continues by me telling you the story. The season of harvest and celebration is upon us. You don't have to be in the Islands to receive priceless gems like this. You can view all of Johnny Jewelers new creations on their Facebook page: and you can inquire if you can receive your jewelry in the mail.

Discover your own story and embrace the tales of the past, for in them lies the revelation to our lives. Some gifts can be simple or large, but others can last a lifetime. The story of the brilliant fire is the reflection of history, love, and priceless memories. Johnny Jewelers thanks you in advance for your patronage!



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